Day: December 7, 2017

Ancient China and Ancient India

Ancient China and Ancient India

Ancient India and China Did China and India have similar interests? Did they share common likes or dislikes? Yes they did. in fact they had several things in common so many they were like sisters or brothers. Although the two were similar they still had there differences and at some points in time one country didn’t like what the other was doing and decided to go kick em in the teeth and straiten em out. Here are just a few ways the two countries are similar and non similar.

China has a history as old as India’s – or thereabouts, anyway. For thousands of years we have shared a long common boundary and perfected the art of peaceful co-existence, except for that one incident in 1962. That apart, there has never been any violence between the people of the two countries. Yes, there were invasions from the north or northwest by Mongols. But, Mongols were different from the predominantly Han Chinese and came from further north of China.

The Chinese never invaded India and Indians never invaded China. Yet, for most of the twentieth century we had the Asian equivalent of the US-USSR Cold War. Thank you, politics! At a philosophical level, Hinduism and Taoism are quite similar. Like Hinduism, Taoism believes in the essential oneness of all creation and focuses on meditation as the way to achieve that realization. Confucianism, a later religion, however, is more orientated towards the material reality and teaches one how to best conduct oneself in society.

Buddhism, however, was taken from India by the Chinese who came and studied the religion and then carried with them important scriptures, books and literature on the religion. India or its rulers did not need to send missionaries and crusaders into China to spread Buddhism. The Chinese were probably the most inventive amongst all the ancient cultures and a huge number of inventions like paper, printing, compass, gunpowder, the wheelbarrow, clock and so on are believed to have been Chinese in origin.