Day: September 14, 2017

Role of a Team Leader Is Important for the Success of the Team

Role of a Team Leader Is Important for the Success of the Team

Role of a Team Leader is Important for the success of the team A team is a group of individuals with distinct opinions, values and talents. A team formation is considered a success when the team can work more effectively than a group of the same individuals working on their own. Every team or organization initially faces some obstacles that deter them from achieving their goal. Those team or organizations that can quickly find solutions to overcome these hurdles are the one that would end up being successful. Similarly, my Project team faced a number of hurdles when we started working on our assignments.

Realizing the issues causing inefficiencies in our work, our team developed methods that made the team more effective later on. Initially, our team did not have any assigned roles for the group members, so the members were just randomly assigned tasks. By randomly dividing the work, a key problem was that only people assigned to that section and those who edited it would know what information was in that section but the rest of the team would be unaware of it. In addition, the team meetings conducted were virtual with no team leader and fixed agenda to work on.

After having the same procedure for the first few assignments, we figured that few people in the group would not meet the set deadlines for the assignment and were finding it difficult to do their assigned parts. Therefore less time was spent in editing the document due to which our grades were not as high as it should have been. Most of the decisions taken in the team were by group consensus but since there wasn’t any team leader to show direction to everyone, the discussion was most of the time unproductive.

After realizing our key problems and talking with other groups, we understood the need to assign roles to the members, especially the role of a team leader who could solve the issues the team was facing and find ways to overcome it. We apoointed a team leader who communicated his ideas to the team members in order to build effectiveness and efficiency, and to improve team performance. At first, he explained the team the need to have face to face meetings rather than virtual as it will help the team to have more interactive meetings and create an easier way to communicate ideas within a roup. He also explained the importance of an agenda for every meeting and set roles for the remaining team members such as Time Keeper and Minutes Recorder. In order to successfully complete the assignments on time, he assigned tasks to each member based on their skill set and set deadlines for everyone so that each one would be present in the meeting when the document is being edited and could offer suggestions to improve any section.

Apart from creating discipline in the team, resolving conflicts, communicating ideas, coordinating among team members and giving clear understanding about goal to the team members which becomes easier for a team to work effectively, he did an excellent job coordinating well between us and the project sponsors. As a result, his feedback and appreciation motivated us to perform harder and maintain an open and honest relationship with each other.